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                Keywords: DL1138 DL1140 DL1270 DL1280
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机


                Tags: DL1140-Motor
                Overview: Stable parts processing technology, high precision, stable quality
                Detail Picture Case Demo

                product name:DL1140-Motor

                Product advantages

                1) stable parts processing technology, high precision, stable quality
                2) with excellent parts, motor running smoothly, with high stability
                3) high-quality products, raw materials and production processes, product life of up to 40,000 times
                4) exported to European markets, the quality of access to the customer the same recognition
                5) professional and technical team, to bring the most powerful product quality assurance


                English model
                Model Number DL1140
                Brand Name steforce
                Material ABS
                Voltage both
                Current 15
                Horn color red
                Type air
                Db Rating 125
                OE NO. Universal
                Car Make universal
                Package 10
                Life times 50000
                Condition brand new
                Coil Material copper
                Surface Treatment shot b
                MOQ 1000
                Estimate Unit Weight 1
                Service ODM/OEM
                Physical spiral
                Net Weight 10
                Gross Weight 9.5
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机
                • DL1140-电机

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