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                Tags: DL1290
                Class: DL1290 / DL1290
                Overview: Penjia unique design, coupled with high-quality materials pronunciation, the sound can last a long time. Loud sound for your safety escort
                Detail Picture Case Demo

                Product Name: DL1290

                Product advantages
                1) the sound crisp, explosive, up to 110 db
                2) high-quality raw materials and surface treatment technology, can resist acid corrosion. Parts inside the product also uses high-quality materials, long life, durable products
                3) Penjia unique design, coupled with high-quality materials pronunciation, the sound can last a long time
                4) loud sound for your security escort


                English model
                Model Number DL1290
                Brand Name wushi
                Material iron
                Voltage 12/48
                Current 3
                Horn color black
                Frequency 420+-20
                Type electric
                Db Rating 115
                Diameter 100MM
                OE NO. Universal
                Car Make universal
                Condition brand new
                Coil Material copper
                MOQ 1000
                Estimate Unit Weight 0.3
                Service ODM/OEM
                Master carton 43*30*38
                Physical disk
                Net Weight 20.5
                Gross Weight 20
                • DL1290
                • DL1290
                • DL1290
                • DL1290
                • DL1290

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