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                What issues prone to car horns?

                Tag: horn, air horn

                Although rarely used a car horn, but indeed an indispensable presence. Car horn outside the car or the car can play a very good warning to remind them that you come by car. If the speaker has some problems, traffic will bring some trouble, and even lead to accidents, and now we are concerned that solution to the problem of car horns appear.

                1. Completely not ring.
                First check to see if the fuse is blown, then unplug the speaker plug, measured with a multimeter where there is power at the horn switch. If there is no power, check the horn and horn relay harness; if there is electricity, it is the speaker itself is the problem, then you can try to adjust the adjusting nut on the horn to see if sound, if still does not ring, you need to replace the speaker.

                2. hoarseness.
                Mostly due to the plug connection is bad, especially the various contacts around the steering wheel due to frequent use, easy to make contact wear.

                3. sometimes does not ring.
                Horn switch, if sometimes loud horn, and sometimes does not ring, and more contact with the horn switch contact is not good inside, some also speaker itself.